TicWatch Pro 3 Review – Plus it Now Comes with LTE in Europe

TicWatch Pro 3 Review – Plus it Now Comes with LTE in Europe

You can now leave your phone behind when going on a run. That's due to the fact that this smartwatch and fitness tracker has LTE built-in. Smartwatches that include an LTE radio are able to connect to cellular networks automatically. These devices use apps on your phone to receive and send messages, even if your phone is far away.

What you need to know is that Mobvoi has launched the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE, a variant of the TicWatch Pro 3. It costs from £330 or €360, depending on your market. You'll need to have Vodafone OneNumber to use its LTE capabilities.

Mobvoi today announced the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE edition. This is a model of the TicWatch Pro 3 it released earlier this year, but with built in support for LTE connectivity. It will be limited to the UK, Spain, and Germany at launch, allowing you to use your smartwatch while decoupled from a phone. You'll still be able to handle phone calls and reply to text messages and WhatsApp, you'll just be doing that on your wrist.

The new TicWatch Pro 3 LTE is powered by Vodafone's OneNumber, which means you'll need to have an eligible Vodafone plan to make full use of this smartwatch. Eligible plans vary by country, so if you do plan on getting this, make sure to check your carrier's local page just to make sure.

Aside from that, everything else about the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE remains the same, though. So you'll be getting one of the best smartwatches on Google's Wear OS backed by a Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. Connectivity-wise, aside from LTE, it has NFC for Google Pay, Bluetooth for music, location services via GPS and Glonass. The watch is also IP68 certified, so it's suitable for use in swimming pools.

Reviewing the TicWatch Pro 3, Android Central's Chris Wedel concluded:

TicWatch Pro 3 is the choice for the person who wants to keep better track of their health. With its improved heart rate sensor, added SpO2 sensor, and inclusion of new apps to track more aspects of your health, the Pro 3 is a wonderful addition to your fitness goals.

You'll be able to buy the TicWatch Pro 3 for £329.99 or €359.99 from Amazon or directly from Vodafone when it goes on sale later today.

Performance king TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

$300 at Amazon $300 at Mobvoi

Lighter, faster, stronger

The TicWatch Pro 3 improves on the already impressive line-up of Pro watches from Mobvoi. The inclusion of the new Snapdragon 4100 extends the remarkable battery life the line already enjoyed. Its performance is much improved, and the added health features round out a fantastic smartwatch.

Read more: androidcentral.com

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