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Digital Running Watch Review – 5 Best Activity Monitors for Field Event Training

Here is our digital running watch review, in which we look at 5 of the best activity monitors for field event training. Read on to find our which activity tracking device might be best for you. On This Page Fitbit Charge 4 Fitbit Inspire 2 HONOR Band 5 Garmin Rubber Forerunner 35 Misfit Shine The […]

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Apple Watch – The Benefits of Buying the Leading Brand

With the Apple Watch now available in it’s Series 6 it’s time to take stock of the Apple iWatch Brand yet to be beaten in technology and convenience of use – at a price! A smartwatch has a big advantage over any other sort of tracking device.  That’s because it’s on your wrist. When you […]

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Fitbit Versa 3 Review – VS Versa 2 and the Latest Smartwatches By Apple and Samsung

Fitbit’s Versa lineup, in this Fitbit Versa 3 Review, has so far been reliably delivering very significant improvements with every new model. Now in its third iteration, the Fitbit Versa 3 is generally seen as ranking among the best of today’s smartwatches. This third reincarnation isn’t just a new and better-looking device. It also adds […]

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Heart Rate Running Watch Review – The Athlete’s Smartwatch

On This Page Best Heart Rate Running Watches Reviewed Why run with a heart rate watch? Best Running Watches Best Heart Rate Running Watches Reviewed Smartwatches like the Apple Watch now commonly include health tracking functions and can all reasonably be described as a “heart rate running watch”. It’s incredible how quickly technology changes nowadays. […]

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Best Pedometers Apps and Step Counters for Tracking Your Activity in 2021

Read on for our thoughts on the best pedometers apps and basic step counters available for your activity tracking in 2021. Nobody will dispute that gaining a step counters motivation for walking 10,000 steps a day can have a big positive impact on your overall health and fitness. Some sort of a step counter is […]

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How to Operate a Fitbit – How to use a Fitbit Sports Activity Tracker

Here we provide essential information on how to operate a Fitbit, in other words how to use a Fitbit Sports Activity Tracker. If you don’t know already, the idea of a sports and general activity tracker “band” or “Smartwatch” device which is worn where a watch would once have adorned your wrist, is to monitor […]

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Smartwatch Versus Fitness Tracker – Which Should You Buy?

The Smartwatch versus Fitness Tracker debate is raging! With the recent amazing improvements in smartwatch technology and the same too for fitness trackers, everybody wants one or the other, but we don’t know which is best? Trackers are usually cheaper, but should we spend more on a more versatile smartwatch? Read on to find out […]

TicWatch Pro 3 Review – Plus it Now Comes with LTE in Europe

TicWatch Pro 3 Review – Plus it Now Comes with LTE in Europe

You can now leave your phone behind when going on a run. That’s due to the fact that this smartwatch and fitness tracker has LTE built-in. Smartwatches that include an LTE radio are able to connect to cellular networks automatically. These devices use apps on your phone to receive and send messages, even if your phone is far away. […]

How to Sell a PlayStation 4 – Preparation for Buying a Newer Model

How to Sell a PlayStation 4 – Preparation for Buying a Newer Model

With the next generation of consoles officially here, many people may be looking to trade in or sell their older systems in order to pick up the newest version. Whether you’re ready to pick up a PS5 or just looking to get rid of your PS4 system, there’s some things that must be done before […]

The Best Leather Bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Best Leather Bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is arguably the best new Android smartwatch. Along with tons of great features, it comes with a choice between some pretty sleek watch bands. However, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and use a different one. Whether it’s for a special occasion, day-to-day wear, or as a replacement for […]